One: An Innovative Philanthropic Platform

Why ‘One’ Was Developed

To help philanthropic organisation increase donations effortlessly, reduce subscriptions fees and earn cashback on items purchased, to ultimately stretch donations further


Our Mission

Is to increase donations without increasing the financial or time burden on donors


What We Provide

  • A member’s app to build savings naturally & donations simultaneously

  • Donations distributions dashboard

How One Philanthropic Works

The One app facilitates a partnership between a NFP & its members, benefactors, volunteers, and the community it serves.  That community extends to parents of schools funded by the NFP, or families of aged care facilities etc.

Modern lives leave members overburdened, and despite their best intentions, charitable fundraising suffers. The One app allows members to help their communities without extra time or financial sacrifice. Traditional fundraising activities, like raffles, sausage sizzles, or fetes are often too time intensive

The One app changes this. It allows members to contribute substantially, without having to devote spare time or money they can’t spare

Saving and Donating Naturally with One Philanthropic

  • NFP Community Members use One to shop at 300+ essential retailers & restaurants
  • Members accrue savings of up to 9% with every spend and 1% of the purchase price will be automatically donated from to the NFP donations account
  • A thermometer at the organisation shows how much has been raised
  • Funds accrue all year rather than at intermittent events
  • Fundraising requires no time or financial sacrifice from the benefactors, volunteers
  • Members can see the power of small savings leading to big change

Tailored Automated Giftcards for Charitable Causes

Deliver digital giftcards with the One Dashboard to those in need.


NFP staff member enter the recipients’ details and send digital giftcard instantly via email or direct to their app.


Your NFP receives up to 10% cashback from every giftcard purchase made.

Solve Fundraising with One Philanthropic

  • Donate effortlessly
  • Save naturally
  • No hidden cost

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