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Onesto’s Rewards & Recognition platform brings 21st century to awards deployment.  Build and send employee awards digitally, and distribute them to your team instantaneously.
Save your admin and HR teams hundreds of hours a month.

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Create Awards for set dates or dynamically through time

Award Conversion and Recognition

Rewards & Recognition Features

Instant Rewards

Allow regional, store or line managers to send instant awards to their teams.

Awards can be monetary awards, internally redeemable items, or gift cards. These can be set up at Head Office and are instantly available to managers who have been granted access to the platform.

All awards dispensed are logged into reports on who dispensed and received awards, when they were created, and if they have been redeemed.

Awards distributed and redeemed digitally

All awards sent through the Rewards & Recognition platform are digital, removing the need for manual purchasing and postage.
The monetary and administrative savings, amount to tens of thousands of dollars a year in large organisations. Further, the environmental benefits of reduced resource use is a key to the CSR benefits of the platform.
And recipients can choose to redeem awards at any of  the 60+ major retailers within Onesto’s retail partners.
Rewards Distribution

Awards Creation Wizard

Awards are created using an intuitive step-by-step wizard, that sets the amount of the award, and parameters for who the award is available to and when it should be dispensed.

The platform connects to data such as employee start date and birthdays, and uses algorithms to ensure awards are distributed seamlessly and efficiently, with minimal burden on administration and HR team members.
Rewards Portal

Customise for your Corporate Identity

Onesto’s Premium platform, the Rewards & Recognition platform can be customised into a specific app for your organisation. 
The entire platform can be branded with a corporate’s brand identity. Let employees know that their company has a benefits platform to help their people get the most out of their finances, and rewards and recognises the contributions of the people who make up the organisation.
We can integrate into many providers for seamless implementation.
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